The top 50 Bars in the world 2017 have been revealed!

The top global drinking destinations for 2017 have just been revealed at The World’s 50 Best Bars awards!

The World’s 50 Best Bars is the most authoritative international bar survey ever conducted.

This year we welcome votes from 55 countries and more than 500 influential cocktail mixologists, drinks journalists, bar owners, bar managers and ambassadors, from around the world (including ListenToTheIce of course).

Never before has a group of such quality, number and spread been assembled, resulting in a truly credible survey.

This year’s list includes bars from 24 cities in 19 countries.

Here’s the 2017 list:

1. American Bar, London
2. Dandelyan, London
3. NoMad Bar, New York City
4. Connaught Bar, London
6. The Clumsies, Athens
7. Manhattan, Singapore
8. Attaboy, New York
9. Bar Termini, London
10. Speak Low, Shanghai
11. Little Red Door, Paris
12. Happiness Forgets, London
13. High Five, Tokyo
14. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City
15. Atlas, Singapore
16. Dante, New York City
17. Oriole, London
19. Candelaria, Paris
20. Himkok, Oslo
21. The Gibson, London
22. Black Pearl, Melbourne, Australia
23. Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires
24. Operation Dagger, Singapore
25. 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore
26. Trick Dog, San Francisco
29. Lost & Found, Nicosia
30. Baba Au Rum, Athens
31. Tippling Club, Singapore
32. BlackTail, New York City
34. Le Syndicat, Paris
35. Tales & Spirits, Amsterdam
36. Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo
37. Employees Only, New York City
38. Schumann’s, Munich, Germany
39. La Factoria, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
40. Quinary, Hong Kong
41. Aviary, Chicago
42. Mace, New York City
43. Nightjar, London
44. Linje Tio, Stockholm
45. The Baxter Inn, Sydney
46. ABV, San Francisco
47. Native, Singapore
48. Tommy’s, San Francisco
49. Lobster Bar, Hong Kong
50. Imperial Craft, Tel Aviv
Huge congratulations to everyone and to the Savoy Hotel Team for this incredible achievement!
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Repeal Day – The End of American Prohibition – 5th December

The Prohibition period, with its ban on production, trade and consume of alcoholic beverages imposed in the United States of America by the government between 1920 and 1933 (believing that the abuse constituted a serious danger to society), ends 5th DECEMBER 1933 with the approval of the 21st Amendment of the Constitution that repealed the 18th (called “Volstead Act”)

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So now that alcohol is free again, please enjoy responsibly!

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The World’s 50 Best Bars 2014 announced

50 best bars small

1. Artesian
Three years running the Langham’s bar has claimed the title of World’s Best Bar and Europe’s Best Bar. Thoroughly deserved.

2. The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog
Moving up three places since last year and taking the title for Best Bar in North America.

3. Nightjar
Down one place but still taking a place on the podium, a position this speakeasy has held for the past three years.

4. Attaboy
This year’s highest climber, jumping a staggering 38 positions.

5. Employees Only
Another New York climber up 7 places.

6. Canon
This Seattle bar was the highest new entry for the 2014 list.

7. The Baxter Inn
Up one place from last year, Sydney’s Baxter Inn won Best Bar in Australasia.

8. American Bar
Moving up 12 places, the Savoy’s iconic bar just shows even the well- established bars can improve time and again, matching pace with the plethora of new openings.

9. High Five
Falling six places this Tokyo bar still took the title of Best Bar in Asia.

10. 28 Hong Kong Street
Completing the top 10 and staying in the same place as last year, was 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore.

11. Connaught Bar
Ever a London favourite, the Connaught Hotel’s eponymous bar has fallen seven places from last year.

12. Happiness Forgets
Still churning out great cocktails and preventing the wallies from getting in, Happiness may have fallen six places but this London stalwart is anything but forgotten.

13. Aviary

A new entry and a first for Chicago.

14. Elephant Bar

Another new entry, this time in New York.

15. Nottingham Forest

Nothing to do with the football club, this Italian bar is up 34 places.

16. Smuggler’s Cove
Up 14 places from 2013, this San Francisco bar is a global tiki reference point.

17. Candelaria
The highest Parisian bar on the list, Candelaria is down 5 spots.

18. PDT
PDT might be sitting at 18, as newer bars have captured our imaginations but this New York speakeasy is actually the all-time achiever of 50 Best Bars. It has been on the list ever since its inception six years ago and, using a formula that assigns a sliding scale of points to a bar’s ranking, PDT, with its 4th, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 13th and 18th placed finishes heads the all-time leader board.

19. Bulletin Place
This Sydney bar is up seven spots.

20. White Lyan
A new entry to the list, and a bar completely different to any other, in this list and in the world.

21. Buck & Breck

The highest entry for Berlin, Buck & Breck was down four places from last year.

22. The Broken Shaker

A new entry for Miami, and spreading the entries from North America far and wide, The Broken Shaker entered the list at 22.

23. 69 Colebrooke Row
Tony C’s bar has climbed up 4 places this year.

24. Hemingway Bar

Having slipped off the list last year, and placing 38 in 2012, the bar in Prague has managed to re-enter the list.

25. Le Lion Bar de Paris

Jorg Meyer’s bar is Hamburg’s only bar on the list, having slipped 9 places from last year.

26. Door 74
Amsterdam’s best-known and most-loved speakeasy has fallen 11 places from 2013.

27. Three Dots & A Dash

Another new entry for Chicago.

28. The Jerry Thomas Project

Rome’s only bar to appear on the list has fallen 9 places.

29. Chainaya. Tea & Cocktails
Russia’s highest entry has fallen one spot since last year.

30. The Everleigh
Melbourne’s highest entry and down 6 places.

31. Eau de Vie

This Sydney bar is also down 6 places.

32. Bramble
Staying at the same position as last year – Bramble has been on the list every year since it began and is the all-time regional European bar.

33. Trick Dog

A new entry for San Francisco.

34. Dry Martini
Spain’s only entry on the list, this Barcelona bar is down 20 spots.

35. Clover Club
A New York stalwart and local bar for writer extraordinaire David Wondrich, Clover Club is down four places.

36. Drink

Boston’s only bar on the list has climbed up 10 places from last year.

37. Black Pearl
Melbourne’s best-known bar has, similarly to PDT and Bramble, been a regular on this list ever since it was conceived. It’s also the regional all-timer for Australasia.

38. Schumann’s
This Munich favourite is down 15 places from 2013.

39. Floreria Atlantico

Taking the title for Best Bar in Latin America and the Caribbean is Buenos Aires’ Floreria Atlantico, down 4 spots.

40. Star Bar Ginza

A re-entry for this Tokyo bar sees it take number 40.

41. Delicatessen
Moscow’s second bar on the list is up nine spots.

42. Quinary

This Hong Kong bar is down 4 places since 2013.

43. Cure
A new entry from New Orleans.

44. Tales & Spirits
Another new entry – this time from Amsterdam.

45. Maison Premiere
Premiering for the first time on this list, it’s New York’s Maison Premiere.

46. La Capilla

Mexico and Tequila’s mecca, this is the bar that birthed the Batanga. Down 9 spots.

47. Licoreria Limantour

A new entry for Mexico City and home to Jose Luis Leon.

48. Shady Pines

Sydney’s Shady Pines in down 7 spots from last year.

49. Callooh Callay
Down 38 places it’s the bar with a gateway to Narnia and an all-time favourite for relaxed Sunday sessions.

50. Williams & Graham

A new entry for Denver.



SUPER-BAR, Milan 30 September/3 October – The first Italian BarShow is coming!!




Finalmente a Milano si è avverato il grande sogno dei Bartenders Italiani di avere un proprio Barshow dove poter conoscere e condividere nuove tendenze, tecniche, prodotti e attrezzature, nonché avere la possibilità di seguire Seminari di altissimo livello da relatori che sono considerati i Gurus della Mixology come Salvatore Calabrese, Peter Dorelli, Simone Caporale, Hidetsugu Ueno, Beach Bum Berry, Shingo Gokan, Zdenek Kastanek, Naren Young, Nicolas Saint Jean e tanti altri.

Sono veramente onorato di essere stato scelto come Testimonial dell’evento ed essere il “trait d’union” tra il panorama internazionale e la cultura del beverage Italiana che negli ultimi anni ha fatto passi da gigante esplorando nuove tecniche di lavoro, tendenze, prodotti e filosofie inglobandole nell’arte della miscelazione del nostro paese.

Con orgoglio vedo questo evento mettersi sul podio insieme ad altri importanti Barshows come quello di Berlino, Mosca, Parigi, Londra e New Orleans.

E’ un piacere che il mio ritorno in Italia, dopo aver fatto importanti esperienze nei più prestigiosi Bar all’estero e aver creato cocktails in tutto il mondo, sia coinciso con il SUPERBAR, dandomi l’opportunità di mettere a disposizione le mie conoscenze e contribuendo al prestigio di questo importante appuntamento che si rinnoverà ogni anno, attribuendo all’Italia un posto di prim’ordine nel panorama della Mixology Mondiale.


Sotto il video del Press release Day ed alcune foto

Ladies & Gentleman Mr Gianni Merenda, la mente dietro il progetto

Superstudio Più – Via Tortona 27, Milano – 30 settembre – 3 ottobre 2013

– 30 settembre dalle ore 12 alle ore 19 | Trade only

– 1-2-3 Ottobre dalle ore 12 alle ore 19 | Trade only
Dalle ore 19 alle ore 24 | Open door – eventi e dj set


ORE DI APERTURA > 43 (lunedì – giovedì)



SEMINARI (1,5 ore cad) > 16

 WORKSHOP (1 ora cad) > 20

 ACADEMY (1 ora cad) > 20

 MASTER (3 ore cad) > 4


SUPER-BAR è un evento organizzato e prodotto da You Factory, con il supporto commerciale e media di Bargiornale la rivista mensile per i professionisti del mondo del bar, leader del mercato con oltre 110.000 copie diffuse e con il patrocinio di FIPE-Confcommercio ed esplora il mondo di mixologist, professionisti e bartenders grazie a contests, workshops, seminari, degustazioni e parties incredibili.

Un favoloso viaggio nel mondo dei Modern Classic, le tecniche giapponesi, la storia dei cocktail, i liquori messicani Mezcal e Tequila, i Rum, i Tiki cocktail, i trend di New York, la cultura sudamericana del bere, le tendenze in Asia,il Flair e NATURALMENTE larte della miscelazione italiana.

Dopo analoghi eventi a Berlino, Mosca, Parigi e New Orleans, SUPER-BAR è lappuntamento internazionale più atteso in Italia dal mondo bartender e dalle aziende beverage, ma è anche ai non addetti ai lavori.

Prevediamo un’affluenza di circa 3.000/4.000 persone al giorno per un totale di 12.000/16.000 visitatori per tutta la durata dell’evento

– Da non perdere i 4 master organizzati da Planet One, azienda leader per la formazione e consulenze

1) “I bar dalla parte delle donne”, dedicato esclusivamente alle donne;
2) “Amici al bar”, per i giovani imprenditori;
3)“Cambiare per crescere”, dedicato a chi vuole riconvertire un locale già esistente; 4)“Quattro Stagioni”, per chi gestisce attività stagionali.


SUPER-BAR è suddiviso in macro aree tematiche.

– Il Central Point è il cuore pulsante di SUPER-BAR, di giorno contenitore di contest dedicati ai professionisti del settore; di sera, a partire dalle ore 19, location per gli eventi aperti al grande pubblico.

– L’Excelsior Area è dedicata a vodka e prodotti premium.

– La Food & Service Area celebra i riti “all’italiana” più amati, colazione e aperitivo.

– Outdoor nell’Art Garden di Superstudio invece Street food, con 6 Apecar rivisitate nel design che propongono specialità regionali italiane selezionate, ma anche sushi e gelati artigianali.

– Ci sarà una zona dal mood tropicale dedicata al distillato “beach” per eccellenza, il Rum, e a tutti i prodotti che richiamano il fascino delle spiagge, del Tiki e di Exotic Cocktails.

– E ancora un’area dedicata al mondo del gin e a tutti i distillati di erbe e spezie.

Supershop dove comprare accessori specializzati e kit per il perfetto bartender.


Dalle 19.00 Super-Bar aprirà le porte al pubblico della Milano da bere. Grazie alle attività di comunicazione a supporto della manifestazione (piano media, ufficio stampa, pr, digitale, ecc.) e al cast artistico di dj internazionali di altissimo livello.

Ben 8000 metri quadri, si trasformano in una vera e propria cittadella della “cultura del buon bere” con corsi, degustazioni, party, dj set, concerti, eventi pensati ed organizzati per tutti i cocktail lovers, ma anche per gli amanti del buon cibo e della buona musica.


Super-bar non é soltanto un Barshow ma diventerà una piattaforma verticale per tutti i cocktail lovers dove Web, mobile e social media saranno gli strumenti per costruire una brand experience personalizzata per sponsors e partners con contenuti ed eventi sul territorio per un’esperienza unica di 12 mesi.

“Come diventare tra i 50 migliori Bar al mondo in 365 giorni”
Giovedì 3 Ottobre – 18.30/19.30

Anche se il titolo può sembrare provocatorio o un qualcosa di irraggiungibile, il mio Workshop vuole proprio dimostrare che attraverso la professionalità, la costanza e l’attenzione al mercato, il viaggio verso questo traguardo può essere intrapreso da tutti, seguendo il proprio istinto, mantenendo i propri valori e passioni e senza aver bisogno di lampadari di cristallo, poltrone lussuose o un arredamento Super-Chic!

Un viaggio attraversando le varie fasi della progettazione, posizionamento del bancone, scelta delle attrezzature, bicchieri, strumenti di lavoro, musica e atmosfera, tipologia di clientela che si desidera attirare e l’uso dei social media per aumentare la visibilità del nostro Bar; ci saranno poi importanti “Tips & Tricks” e dietro le quinte…

Vi aspetto!

“Always stir..with a dash of love”
Max La Rocca

50.000 visits on – The Art of Perseverance!

 Thank you so much to all the Subscribers and Readers for taking the time to follow this wonderful journey into Mixology with me for all those years…hoping that you enjoyed the contents of my blog.

This Blog started only one year after I started Bartending and I immediately felt the need to share with what is known today as a…Bartending Community; a need that, after 6 years, is still motivating and inspiring Bartenders from all over the world, so SHARING WITH YOU is main reason behind ListentotheIce’s big success!!


What would you like to see shared on the Blog that isn’t there right now?

Always stirred…with a dash of love.

Max La Rocca

The Power of Bartender Community united for a GREAT CAUSE!

In Sao Paulo Brazil my great friend and amazing Bartender Márcio Silva and his friends did an event for a friend bartender who suffered a car accident and lost his right arm.

All beverage sales of this event was donated to this friend of theirs to help him get an arm prosthesis (he’s on the video at mins 2.50)

Xoquinho was hit by a car on the evening of April 10th of this year as he crossed an avenue and there was no relief. After a few hours he was found unconscious and taken to the hospital.

He had a head injury and lost his right arm and since then he is in treatment.

I know the video is in BR-Portuguese and they are working to put a caption in English and Spanish, and you also know how much I care and work for the bartender world community.

So now I ask you all your help to disseminate this video to reach a large number of access on YouTube.

If they get a large number of visits they can get more money for the cause!

Please click here to watch the video, it’s important!

Here a Video of Xoquinho on Brasilian TV working is magic before the accident

Thank you so much and bless you all!!
“Video Xoq’s Day – Encontro dos amigos do Rodrigo Xoquinho no La Maison est Tombée”

Max and Márcio

The Elements of Creativity

As the first post of 2013 I would like you to join me in the amazing world of CREATIVITY through the brilliant work of Kirby Ferguson and his project called “Everything is a Remix“.

Kirby has spoken at TED, Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, The Cusp ConferenceMedia EvolutionThe Creators ProjectCampus Party Mexico City, Columbia University, NYU and more.

(From 7.00” to 7.40” of the following video, there will be some credits, then it continues, make sure you follow through)

So, is it really true that nobody starts out original and that we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding?

SOURCEEverything Is a Remix Website

Thanks Kirby!

So my wish for 2013 is:


Max La Rocca