The Canon Cocktail Book – by Jamie Boudreau

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Finally it has arrived! I was so excited to read this book from one of persons who I admired the most in the Bar industry, Jamie Boudreau!

Home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest spirit collection, Seattle bar Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium has achieved unprecedented, worldwide acclaim. Named Best Bar in America by Esquire, Canon received Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for World’s Best Drinks Selection (2013) and World’s Best Spirits Selection (2015), and Drinks International included it on their prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars list.

In his debut, legendary bartender and Canon founder Jamie Boudreau offers 100 cocktail recipes ranging from riffs on the classics, like the Cobbler’s Dream and Corpse Reviver, to their lineup of original house drinks, such as the Truffled Old Fashioned and the Banksy Sour. In addition to tips, recipes, and formulas for top-notch cocktails, syrups, and infusions, Boudreau breaks down the fundamentals and challenges of opening and running a bar—from business plans to menu creation. The Canon Cocktail Book is poised to be an essential drinks manual for both the at-home cocktail enthusiast and bar industry professional.

“If you’re lucky enough to have drunk at canon, the bar, you’ll find reading Canon, the cocktail book, remarkably similar: rich in detail, surprising, sometimes challenging, and always delightful. If you haven’t been to canon, at least read the book. A few pages in and you’ll be on your phone, booking a flight to Seattle.”

David Wondrich, author of Imbibe! and Punch

“Ever since Jamie Boudreau first opened the doors to canon, the bar has been the brightest star in Seattle’s cocktail constellation. Now, The Canon Cocktail Book promises to blast you into this whiskey-laced firmament, offering everything from insights into the bar’s day-to-day to the intricacies of preparing canon’s best drinks. Grab a shaker, and buckle up—it’s gonna be a boozy ride.”

Paul Clarke, executive editor of Imbibe magazine and author of The Cocktail Chronicles

The Canon Cocktail Book memorializes the ceaseless curiosity and tenacious efforts of its bitters-loving, pyromaniac author Jamie Boudreau, whose recipe catalog deftly integrates modern cooking technique with innovative classical cocktail preparation. Much more than a drink primer, Boudreau’s book is the first bar owner’s manual of the century, written by one of the world’s most celebrated publicans, whose open, honest, hard-earned wisdom is invaluable for aspiring mixologists looking to go pro.”

Jim Meehan, author of The PDT Cocktail Book

“Boudreau is a humble and enthusiastic host, generous with his cocktail tips (including some terrific practical advice on opening a bar of one’s own) and freely giving credit where credit is due in regard to each cocktail’s origin. As for the cocktails themselves, the collection is unassailable… This terrific resource is sure to send armchair bartenders scurrying to their shakers.”

Publishers Weekly


As Jamie Boudreau himself says: “This is not a cocktail book, this is a love story”!

So read it with love and never stop growing and improving yourself !

You can buy the book here

I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thanks for your precious time to read this.

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Cocktail Cookbook by Oskar Kinberg

In Cocktail Cookbook, Oskar Kinberg presents 75 cocktails that will change the way you drink. The master barman shows you simple recipes for homemade bar ingredients such as nettle cordial, olive oil-infused gin and kiwi and avocado puree – and then how to incorporate them into original cocktails, all invented and tested at his destination drinking den Oskar’s Bar in London.

Get ready to reach for standard bar ingredients – cucumber, rhubarb and herbs – and more adventurous inclusions such as pine, peashoots and tonka beans. Then transform and mix into exciting, delicious drinks that are as tasty as they are impressive. Ideal for the curious and creative home cocktail maker, as well as adventurous cooks.

Oskar Kinberg is co-owner of Michelin-starred Dabbous and manager of basement bar Oskar’s Bar. Prior to opening Dabbous, Oskar was bar manager at The Cuckoo Club, a leading private members’ club in Piccadilly. In Oskar’s Bar, he presides over a menu of classic and modern cocktails using homemade syrups and infusions. Many of the cocktails change with the seasons, and he uses fresh ingredients (from marjoram to mānuka) in new and exciting ways.


Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do


The human tongue has somewhere up to eight thousand taste buds to inform us when something is sweet, salty, sour, or bitter—or as we usually think of it—delicious or revolting. Tastes differ from one region to the next, and no two people’s seem to be the same. But why is it that some people think maple syrup is too sweet, while others can’t get enough? What makes certain people love Roquefort cheese and others think it smells like feet? Why do some people think cilantro tastes like soap?

John Prescott tackles this conundrum in Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do, an absorbing exploration of why we eat and seek out the foods that we do. Prescott surveys the many factors that affect taste, including genetic inheritance, maternal diet, cultural traditions, and physiological influences. He also delves into what happens when we eat for pleasure instead of nutrition, paying particularly attention to affluent Western societies, where, he argues, people increasingly view food selection as a sensory or intellectual pleasure rather than a means of survival. As obesity and high blood pressure are on the rise along with a number of other health issues, changes in the modern diet are very much to blame, and Prescott seeks to answer the question of why and how our tastes often lead us to eat foods that are not the best for our health. Compelling and accessible, this timely book paves the way for a healthier and more sustainable understanding of taste.

Enjoy it!!


THE LONG POUR – A Bartender’s Anthology of Hilarious Tales and Dirty Tricks

Good afternoon all,

This book arrived on my desk a few days ago from a great friend and an amazing Bartender Adam MacDonald and after giving it a read I felt I had to share it with the bartending community.  If you’ve ever pulled a pint, stirred a drink, tapped a keg, picked mint, flipped a bottle, chilled a glass, shaken a daiquiri, squeezed a lemon, owned a bar or shouted “last call for alcohol”, then this book is about you!

It must be said that this is NOT a cocktail book, and the editor and compiler
(Adam MacDonald) makes no apologizes for this.

“The world of craft cocktails and artisanal products can be a bit too serious at times… these stories just remind us to not take ourselves so seriously. And, they’re a bit naughty, which is always more fun.”

The Aussie bartender, living in Norway, and soon to be moving to London, spent 4 years interviewing bartenders all of the world to get the dirt, the juice and “the stories of fast cash, loose women and all the trouble that comes with ‘em. “

ALEX KRATENA said: “Super funny stories, but should you consider pursuing a career in bartending, then don’t let your mother read this book!”

ALAN KAVANAGH said: “Dripping in sarcasm, smothered with metaphors, and splashed with bone-dry wit, The Long Pour is the one book bartenders actually want to read.”

CLASS MAGAZINE said: “This bartender confessional is definitely entertaining and, perfect for quiet times during service, you can dip in and out of it. “

The book is a micro production, meaning that Adam has only printed 3000 copies.  Each one has been individually numbered and signed and once they are finished, that’s it for the Limited Edition.  As you can imagine, these are getting snapped up quickly. The book is in full colour, beautifully designed and the cartoons he uses for each story are works of art.

The 40 true stories will remind you of your own forgotten bar stories and will probably have you wanting to be involved in volume 2.  When I asked Adam if there were plans for more he said. “let’s get through the Limited Edition print of volume 1 first… but yes Max, to answer your question, with so many awesome stories out there, volume 2 is definitely on my radar.”

There is only one place in the world you can get The Long Pour and that is

Happy reading and thanks so much Adam for giving me the opportunity to share it with the Bartender Community!

Max La Rocca

Craft Cocktails at Home: Offbeat Techniques, Contemporary Crowd-Pleasers, and Classics Hacked with Science

Think of It as Your PhD in Drinking.

In Craft Cocktails at Home, you’ll embark upon a one-of-a-kind journey as you learn how to make some of the world’s most innovative, unique, and delicious cocktails.

Taste scientists, engineers, and talented bartenders with decades of experience all contributed their expertise to create this must-have guide for novices and professionals alike.

Ever wondered what makes water taste good? Curious about what really happens during the barrel-aging process? Interested in which “molecular” ingredients have the best texture?

These questions and more, answered inside.

With 250 pages and 65 recipes

Enjoy it!!


World’s Best Cocktails: 500 Signature Drinks from the World’s Best Bars and Bartenders

World’s Best Cocktails is an exciting global journey, providing the secrets to successful cocktail making, their history and provenance, and where to seek out the world’s best bars and bartenders, from London to Long Island and beyond.

Cocktail and liquor connoisseur Tom Sandham provides a comprehensive appraisal of global cocktail culture, highlighting the trends and techniques that make the finest drinks popular in their native climes and across the world.

Cocktail lovers will appreciate personal tips from key bartenders such as Jim Meehan and Dale de Groff in New York and Tony Conigliaro and Salvatore Calabrese in London, while cutting-edge recent award winners point to the future with their new daring flavor combinations.

At last, discerning drinkers can learn more about what to drink and where, then bring back their coolest cocktail experiences to enjoy at home.

Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl

Acclaimed cocktail expert and historian David Wondrich takes readers on a raucous guided tour of all things punch-a tour that starts with some very lonely British sailors and swells to include a cast of lords and ladies, admirals, kings, presidents, poets, pirates, novelists, spies, and other inimitable characters. And of course, authentic recipes appear throughout, with notes for the modern punch-maker.

It is a tale only Wondrich can tell-and it is sure to delight, inform, and inspire the mixologist in everyone who reads it, from veteran drink connoisseurs to absolute beginners.

Source: David Wondrich PUNCH Book on Amazon

Japanese Cocktails Book by Yuri Kato

Japan has a rich history in spirits and the country’s expert mixologists have shown the world a deft hand at preparing delicious drinks. Today, this tradition is experiencing a renaissance in the form of classic cocktails that have become popular around the globe. Now, a new guide from Suntory, one of the world’s leading wine and spirits companies, brings the country’s exciting spirits story to life. Brimming with unexpected and exotic combinations, JAPANESE COCKTAILS by Yuri Kato showcases the sophistication, adventure and cosmopolitan sparkle of the nation’s varied drinks.

Spirits industry expert and publisher of, Kato explores Japan’s cocktail heritage, collecting more than 60 recipes from classics to signature creations with a modern twist. Authentic recipes in chapters devoted to sake, shochu and Japanese whisky allow at home mixologists to re-create such favorites as Sake Eggnog, the Zentini, or the Echo Julep. Yuri’s own original creations, are crafted in keeping with the spirit of Japanese cocktail culture and infused with other ingredients such as vodka, rum and tequila. New concoctions range from the Lady Godzilla and Melon Cream Soda, made with premium melon liqueur, to the fragrant and tart Yuzu Mojito and the Red Eye, made with Japanese beer.

SOURCE: Yury Kato’s Website