THE LONG POUR – A Bartender’s Anthology of Hilarious Tales and Dirty Tricks

Good afternoon all,

This book arrived on my desk a few days ago from a great friend and an amazing Bartender Adam MacDonald and after giving it a read I felt I had to share it with the bartending community.  If you’ve ever pulled a pint, stirred a drink, tapped a keg, picked mint, flipped a bottle, chilled a glass, shaken a daiquiri, squeezed a lemon, owned a bar or shouted “last call for alcohol”, then this book is about you!

It must be said that this is NOT a cocktail book, and the editor and compiler
(Adam MacDonald) makes no apologizes for this.

“The world of craft cocktails and artisanal products can be a bit too serious at times… these stories just remind us to not take ourselves so seriously. And, they’re a bit naughty, which is always more fun.”

The Aussie bartender, living in Norway, and soon to be moving to London, spent 4 years interviewing bartenders all of the world to get the dirt, the juice and “the stories of fast cash, loose women and all the trouble that comes with ‘em. “

ALEX KRATENA said: “Super funny stories, but should you consider pursuing a career in bartending, then don’t let your mother read this book!”

ALAN KAVANAGH said: “Dripping in sarcasm, smothered with metaphors, and splashed with bone-dry wit, The Long Pour is the one book bartenders actually want to read.”

CLASS MAGAZINE said: “This bartender confessional is definitely entertaining and, perfect for quiet times during service, you can dip in and out of it. “

The book is a micro production, meaning that Adam has only printed 3000 copies.  Each one has been individually numbered and signed and once they are finished, that’s it for the Limited Edition.  As you can imagine, these are getting snapped up quickly. The book is in full colour, beautifully designed and the cartoons he uses for each story are works of art.

The 40 true stories will remind you of your own forgotten bar stories and will probably have you wanting to be involved in volume 2.  When I asked Adam if there were plans for more he said. “let’s get through the Limited Edition print of volume 1 first… but yes Max, to answer your question, with so many awesome stories out there, volume 2 is definitely on my radar.”

There is only one place in the world you can get The Long Pour and that is

Happy reading and thanks so much Adam for giving me the opportunity to share it with the Bartender Community!

Max La Rocca