Left Coast Libations (LCL) is a new book featuring original profiles of fifty of the Left Coast’s most brilliant bartenders, from Los Angeles to Vancouver. Like any good cocktail book, LCL presents the reader with original cocktail recipes, described with enough clarity and detail to be re-created at home. But in addition to this, LCL aims to promote the efforts and talents of the bartenders who give their lives to the service of these drinks. LCL illuminates the notion that the creation of cocktails is a never ending creative process, and that any recipe book is merely the tip of the iceberg. It encourages the reader to seek out these bartenders who have taken the craft to another level, appreciate both their creativity and their dedication, and allow inspiration to wash over them. In doing so, LCL offers the reader not only a book of recipes, but a portal into a community.

LCL is a labor of love, created by the seat of our collective pants, developed through hard work and love, and with the aid of generous help from many good people along the way. Without much of a budget to speak of, without benefactors in lofty places, the book was put together step by step, piece by piece, with our own loving hands. So you see, Left Coast Libation is more than a cocktail book, it’s a grassroots movement, populated by bartenders and the nerds who love them. Join us, if you will.

(source: LCL Website)

Scott Beattie’s “Artisanal Cocktails” Book

IT: I drinks di Beattie hanno l’approccio del “chilometro zero”: quelli che prepara al bar del Cyrus in gran parte vedono l’utilizzo di ingredienti provenienti dai giardini e alberi di agrumi dei “vicini di casa”. Tali ricette sono incluse nel libro. Ma che cosa si fa se non si vive in California e non si ha accesso a tali prodotti? Ecco quando la sua tecnica e suggerimenti si rivelano utili. Beattie da istruzioni su come effettuare sciroppi speziati, bucce di agrumi candite, spume, crustas, frutta e verdura in salamoia. Non troverete queste ricette in altri libri di cocktails. I consigli su questo libro serviranno ad aiutare a sviluppare drinks con prodotti di provenienza prettamente locale.

ENG: Beattie’s drinks take the hyper-local approach: The ones he makes at the bar at Cyrus largely come from ingredients sourced from neighbors’ gardens and citrus trees. Those recipes are included in the book. But what if you don’t live in California? That’s when the technique tips come in handy. Beattie gives instruction on how to make spiced syrups, candied citrus peels, foams, rims, and pickled fruits and vegetables. You won’t find those in other cocktail books. Not only does this book with its recipes instruct people to make the ultimate West Coast cocktails, its advice will help people around the country develop hyper-local drinks with different local produce sourced wherever they are.

Woody’s Liquid Kitchen

It is a wonderful book from master cocktail maker, bartender to the world’s rich and famous and bar flaring champion Hayden Wood. With over 200 original recipes spread over 360 pages, beautifully photographed, this book is destined to be the hit of the Christmas/new year party season and companion to everyone’s favourite cook book.

But it’s not all about sexy cocktails and slippery martini’s, Woody gives a healthy dose of goodness with chapters on juicing and blending, an exploration of tea, a range of infused waters plus milkshakes and tasty coffee’s.
Packed with secrets that bartenders have kept to themselves for years, Woody uncovers a treasure chest of techniques for mixing, shaking and preparing stunning drinks.

You can find it here