The Power of Bartender Community united for a GREAT CAUSE!

In Sao Paulo Brazil my great friend and amazing Bartender Márcio Silva and his friends did an event for a friend bartender who suffered a car accident and lost his right arm.

All beverage sales of this event was donated to this friend of theirs to help him get an arm prosthesis (he’s on the video at mins 2.50)

Xoquinho was hit by a car on the evening of April 10th of this year as he crossed an avenue and there was no relief. After a few hours he was found unconscious and taken to the hospital.

He had a head injury and lost his right arm and since then he is in treatment.

I know the video is in BR-Portuguese and they are working to put a caption in English and Spanish, and you also know how much I care and work for the bartender world community.

So now I ask you all your help to disseminate this video to reach a large number of access on YouTube.

If they get a large number of visits they can get more money for the cause!

Please click here to watch the video, it’s important!

Here a Video of Xoquinho on Brasilian TV working is magic before the accident

Thank you so much and bless you all!!
“Video Xoq’s Day – Encontro dos amigos do Rodrigo Xoquinho no La Maison est Tombée”

Max and Márcio