The Elements of Creativity

As the first post of 2013 I would like you to join me in the amazing world of CREATIVITY through the brilliant work of Kirby Ferguson and his project called “Everything is a Remix“.

Kirby has spoken at TED, Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, The Cusp ConferenceMedia EvolutionThe Creators ProjectCampus Party Mexico City, Columbia University, NYU and more.

(From 7.00” to 7.40” of the following video, there will be some credits, then it continues, make sure you follow through)

So, is it really true that nobody starts out original and that we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding?

SOURCEEverything Is a Remix Website

Thanks Kirby!

So my wish for 2013 is:


Max La Rocca