Italian first Semifinal: Vespas, Scottish Moss & Carillons!

Photos by Marco Curatolo

When Italian creativity meets the World Class’ amazing sense of Community , that’s what happens, PURE…MAGIC!

Just like in the magic atmosphere of the 50′ and the 60′, we experienced the sense of drinking great Classic Cocktails  made with contemporary techniques, attention to details, great charisma and showmanship by our beloved Bartenders.

Daniele Gentili is the first finalist of the Italian World Class Competition that took place at the MICCA CLUB in Rome  (where Daniele also works as the Bar Manager)  gaining his ticket to the European Final in Madrid!

One of Daniele’s winning recipes:

 “Frankie loves Rome” (in the picture below)

50 ml Tanqueray No. TEN

20 ml pepper and tonka beans syrup

30 ml lime juice

1 spoon meringue

Frangelico and grated tonka beans “Velvet Foam”


Pour all ingredients into shaker, except foam, and shake vigorously.

Strain in a large cappuccino mug. Complete the drink with the “velvet foam”. On the side, serve two mini croissants, a sweet one  (cream with chamomile and juniper) and a salty one (with foam Gin Tonic).

Garnish” with a miniature Vespa and a newspaper featuring Frank Sinatra having a drink at the Harry’s Bar in Rome during the 50′.


– Antonio Parlapiano  (in the middle) from The Jerry Thomas Project – 2nd Place (below, one of  his amazing drinks)

– Francesco Spenuso (on the right) from The Flair Project – 3rd Place (below, one of his great creations)

And in no particular order:

– Enzo Chichierchia

– Alessandro Ismaele Avilla

– Patrizia Bevilacqua

– Paolo Sanna

– Mattia Cilia

– Elìa Calvieri

– George Jackson Cerrone

– Salvatore Mosca

– Francesco Tota

I’m so excited to see that the level of the Competition is getting higher and higher every time I visit a new country, that’s something we all should be proud of in the industry, and today I was REALLY impressed! 

W E L L    D O N E   E V E R Y O N E !!

The Judgin Panel for the day (from left to right) consisted of Dennis Zoppi (WORLD CLASS 2012 Global Finalist),  Stefano Nincevich (BarGiornale Journalist), myself and Giorgio Fadda (President of the Education Development Committee of IBA).

Thank you for making our day, a real RETRO CHIC DAY!!

Max La Rocca