Here we are with a new amazing World Class Training of 2nd Burst in Bologna a fantastic City with a lot of History, Art and Style, also a bit “Retro Chic” I would say!

After Alessio Dantino opened the day by explaining terms, conditions and deadlines of the competition, our great Franco Gasparri started the session with a fantastic journey inside the 3 Challenges of this 2nd Burst:

Vintage with a Contemporary Twist where the undisputed Queen is our 100% wheat Ketel One Vodka

City Glamour that sees the uniqueness of Brands like Don Julio Tequila and Grand Marnier

Whisky is.. an intriguing way to bring to life the fantastic universe of Single Malts into Mixology

After this first part, I followed with a practice session, helping the Bartenders to better understand the concepts behind the challenges.

Then, it was the right time to pick our Bartenders’ brain talking about our brand new Program Called “SHOW YOUR SPIRIT” having been given the opportunity and the pleasure to come up with this intriguing name, taking inspiration from my Blog

..and when we asked:

“How about a once in a lifetime chance to co-create a Spirit or Liqueur that could be listed in the Best Bars in Western Europe?”

Everybody was speechless at the beginning..

..but after a while we started a fantastic Q&A session, having had the pleasure to present with Ravi Jakhodia from the Diageo Innovation Team, the “behind the scene” of this amazing program.

The entry form has gone live from the 18th February and it will close on the 18th March so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

You can get an idea on how to enter your infos, by checking the example form that with a bit of imagination I invented for you, showcasing a brand new liquid called “THE WHITE TIGER” and explaining the inspiration behind it, the perfect serve, a food pairing (that is NOT essential, I just put it as a reference) and other inspiring ideas  that will help you to understand the sort of content we are expecting in your submission.


Celebrate life every day, everywhere

Max La Rocca