Here we are with new exciting World Class Training of 2nd Burst, this time we have been in the stunning Bristol Hotel in Paris, folllowed by “Le Bis” Restaurant in Poitiers a cute little city full of history, amazing food and kind people who welcomed and supported us with great care just like we’re used to support each other in the World Class Community, thank you!

In both sessions, after a great opening by Grégory Messaoudi who introduced the agenda of the event, the relation between Diageo / World Class Platform and the speakers of the day, I started my “World Class Experience Presentation” where I took the partecipants through a fantastic journey “behind the scenes” of my personal experience  as a Bartender in the Competition and talking about the stages I went through, to get to the Global Final.

Then Yoan Bonneau (Reserve Brand Ambassador for France) exposed brilliantly the Challenges within the “Retro Chic” Trend following with the great world of Ketel One, explaining the importance of the Ritual in the Bartending world and showing how to apply it through a great “Ketel One Martini Ritual”.

We continued with a Grand Marnier Masterclass, followed by a great drink to inspire the Bartenders on how to mix it enhancing it’s fantastic orange notes and smoothness, in a perfect “City Glamour” style

After Yoan, the amazing Mr Julian Hutchings, a real Whisky “walking encyclopedia” kept everyone speechless with it’s great explanation on Single Malts, focusing on Cardhu, Singleton of Dufftown and Talisker, our protagonists fot the challenge “Whisky is”, making everyone fall in love with the category, a great performance followed by Yoan’s tasty Whisky Cocktails.

Santé Bonheur!!

And the next morning…voilà on the French Newspaper with style!

Celebrate life every day, everywhere

Max La Rocca