Max La Rocca nominated at Tales of The Cocktail!

WOW!! Max La Rocca had been nominated in these past editions:

– Nominated at Tales of The Cocktails 2015 in New Orleans amongst the 10 BEST INTERNATIONAL BRAND AMBASSADORS of the Year

– Nominated at Tales of The Cocktails 2012 in New Orleans amongst the 10 Best International Bartenders of the Year

It’s the journey, not the destination.
Above I created a little map of the precious work done over many years with respect and humbleness.

Max La Rocca

Cinco de Mayo – Seed of Gratitude Cocktail

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!
Enjoy this light and refreshing signature recipe with your friends, family and loved ones
30 ml. Don Julio Blanco
10 ml. Ramazzotti
15 ml. Lime Juice
15 ml. Cinnamon Syrup
20 ml. Rosemary fast-infused Yellow Chartreuse
Swizzle with crushed ice
Garnish with caramelized Kumquats, sprig of Rosemary and Rosemary-smoked Pop Corn

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Max La Rocca

Ben Reed Cocktail Conversations: The Samurai

The cocktail world is full of characters, from bartenders to bar owners, to night party crowd, but if you look more deeply you’ll see a greater variety of different characters with truly inspiring stories.

The amazing Ben Reed goes through the top 3 insights from ‘The Samurai’ to help sharpen the mind of drinks industry professionals in this video.


The real ‘Way of the Warrior’ means loyalty, integrity, courage, endurance, frugality, sincerity and respect for learning. It’s a ‘way of being’ aimed at strengthening the mind that governs one’s entire life.

“This dude is an actual proper Samurai (the only non-Japanese Samurai for 400 years. His sword is made in 1400’s. No biggie). Thanks for bringing him to London, Cocktail Credentials!” Alex Kammerling, Founder, Kamm & Sons


Specialisation, repetition and refinement are the keys to mastering one’s profession. The term “Shokunin Kishitsu” or the ‘craftsman’s spirit’ is the personal characteristic which implies not just the acquisition of technical skills but also pride in what you do for your own benefit and the wider community.

“I wish he could have gone to Ben Reed’s latest ‘Cocktail Conversations’ event with the Samurai. Perfection in movement doesn’t have to be complex (it takes two years to learn to correctly sheath your sword), it just has to be perfect.” Michael Butt, Founder, Soulshakers


Our Samurai holds a teaching licence from Japan’s premier classical combat school where the teaching runs an unbroken line from the Samurai battlefields dating back 1000 years. No pupil of this school has ever died in combat. So the knowledge of the masters is still alive but you have to go to the origin to find it and the tradition itself must take great care in choosing its followers.

“It’s totally relevant because hospitality – serving people – is what we do. I’m going to go back and take my team through this.” Sly Augustin, Director, Trailer Happiness

To find out more about ‘Cocktail Conversations’ live events taking place in top bars with exceptional characters, sign-up at

Thank you so much Ben for your amazing contribution to the Bartending World!

Original source &


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Max La Rocca


Dear Bartenders, colleagues and friends,

do you want to get booked for seminars, presentations and workshops all over the world, get amazing career opportunities and have your profession really sky rock?

But I have to warn you! You might run the risk of HAVING TO TRAVEL THE WORLD..that’s what happened to me after I won WORLD CLASS

The way I experienced it, World Class has never been a competition but an OPPORTUNITY TO GROW – It is only about the thinking!

Start changing your thoughts, as different thoughts will lead to different actions, that will lead to different results, the right results you ask of yourselves!



I don’t remember ONE situation (AT LEAST ) in my life where I was COMPLETELY..100% ready for something, DO YOU??

When I competed in World Class, it was my very first competition and I came 3rd in the world, and also for a lot of World Class winners, it was their first competition ever.

You never know what my happen if you don’t try it.

I didn’t compete only for myself but for my team, for my Bar and for my guests, I owed them this. the game of life, do you want to be only a SPECTATOR or do yo want to be A PLAYER??

My favourite quote is “JUMP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR”

Maybe some of you are thinking something like “even if I go through the Country Finals, am I going to be good enough to win it Globally”?
Let me mention, as an example, the great Bartenders in the picture above, who have had amazing results through perseverance and desire to grow both personally and professionally, they have also competed and believed in World Class and although these incredible persons have not necessarily won a Global Final, their World Class experience, alongside the opportunity to share with others and the chance to be part of a great community, have all been precious things that have opened a lot of doors and also contributed in a way to achieve incredible results, in their bars, with their teams and for their customers.
So as you can see, World Class really IS a journey and not just the final destination, it’s not only about winning but about LEARNING & GROWING !

The World Class People who kindly agreed to share  this message with you all, are (from top left to bottom right of the picture above):
Simone Caporale, Alex Kratena, Monica Berg, Sean Muldoon, Ryan Chetyawardana, Jimmy Barrat, Andrew Nicholls, Dennis Zoppi, Max La Rocca

If you’re question now is..what do I win?
Here’s a list of the amazing prizes that are waiting for you:
IF YOU BECOME THE WORLD CLASS WINNER 2017 FOR YOUR COUNTRY YOU WILL GET:1. Luxurious hand made Trophy – symbol of guarantee of high quality standards

2. A one-year contract to inspire your peers and guests alongside with the WORLD CLASS Team in events, workshops and bespoke activities

3. An amazing PR plan to promote your win and give you massive visibility

4. Access to the European WORLD CLASS 3-day Bootcamp to help you prepare for the Global Finals

5. Flight to Mexico to represent your Country in the Global Finals

6. Trip to Schiedam to the Ketel One distillery

7. A Bespoke Whisky trip to Scotland



8. Become a Global Ambassador of the WORLD CLASS programme, travelling the world, educating and inspiring new talents.

9. Support as judge and mentor in future Global Finals editions

10. Get the global superstar status!
So as I said before..start changing your thoughts, as different thoughts will lead to different actions, that will lead to different results.
Take action now and subscribe to WORLD CLASS 2017 on



Max La Rocca


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How do you reward the best World Class bartenders in Europe for 2016? Well, one way we have is to send them to the historic Ketel One distillery in Schiedam, and then onto the fabulous Door 74 cocktail bar in Amsterdam. Forget about journeying to Neverland – we went to the Netherlands!

The Canon Cocktail Book – by Jamie Boudreau

Welcome to “The Bartender’s Growth Corner” on

We can’t never stress enough the importance of continuous growth and improvement as a way to leave a more fulfilling life for oneself and for the people around us!

Finally it has arrived! I was so excited to read this book from one of persons who I admired the most in the Bar industry, Jamie Boudreau!

Home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest spirit collection, Seattle bar Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium has achieved unprecedented, worldwide acclaim. Named Best Bar in America by Esquire, Canon received Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for World’s Best Drinks Selection (2013) and World’s Best Spirits Selection (2015), and Drinks International included it on their prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars list.

In his debut, legendary bartender and Canon founder Jamie Boudreau offers 100 cocktail recipes ranging from riffs on the classics, like the Cobbler’s Dream and Corpse Reviver, to their lineup of original house drinks, such as the Truffled Old Fashioned and the Banksy Sour. In addition to tips, recipes, and formulas for top-notch cocktails, syrups, and infusions, Boudreau breaks down the fundamentals and challenges of opening and running a bar—from business plans to menu creation. The Canon Cocktail Book is poised to be an essential drinks manual for both the at-home cocktail enthusiast and bar industry professional.

“If you’re lucky enough to have drunk at canon, the bar, you’ll find reading Canon, the cocktail book, remarkably similar: rich in detail, surprising, sometimes challenging, and always delightful. If you haven’t been to canon, at least read the book. A few pages in and you’ll be on your phone, booking a flight to Seattle.”

David Wondrich, author of Imbibe! and Punch

“Ever since Jamie Boudreau first opened the doors to canon, the bar has been the brightest star in Seattle’s cocktail constellation. Now, The Canon Cocktail Book promises to blast you into this whiskey-laced firmament, offering everything from insights into the bar’s day-to-day to the intricacies of preparing canon’s best drinks. Grab a shaker, and buckle up—it’s gonna be a boozy ride.”

Paul Clarke, executive editor of Imbibe magazine and author of The Cocktail Chronicles

The Canon Cocktail Book memorializes the ceaseless curiosity and tenacious efforts of its bitters-loving, pyromaniac author Jamie Boudreau, whose recipe catalog deftly integrates modern cooking technique with innovative classical cocktail preparation. Much more than a drink primer, Boudreau’s book is the first bar owner’s manual of the century, written by one of the world’s most celebrated publicans, whose open, honest, hard-earned wisdom is invaluable for aspiring mixologists looking to go pro.”

Jim Meehan, author of The PDT Cocktail Book

“Boudreau is a humble and enthusiastic host, generous with his cocktail tips (including some terrific practical advice on opening a bar of one’s own) and freely giving credit where credit is due in regard to each cocktail’s origin. As for the cocktails themselves, the collection is unassailable… This terrific resource is sure to send armchair bartenders scurrying to their shakers.”

Publishers Weekly


As Jamie Boudreau himself says: “This is not a cocktail book, this is a love story”!

So read it with love and never stop growing and improving yourself !

You can buy the book here

I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thanks for your precious time to read this.

SOURCES FOR THIS ARTICLE: Canon Seattle – Amazon


Explore the Magic World of Max La Rocca – Cityspace Video

Inspired by the amazing Jamie Boudreau, we matched Italian Savoir Faire, Russian expertise and production management.

And that’s what happens…PURE MAGIC!!!

If the video is not available in your Country, follow this link or watch it on Facebook.

Camera Andrey Klimov and Michael Voinov.
Music editing and directed by Michael Voinov.
Produced by Bek Narzi 

SOUNDTRACK: Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals)

ARTIST: St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra and Stanislav Gorkovenko, St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra

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Repeal Day – The End of American Prohibition – 5th December

The Prohibition period, with its ban on production, trade and consume of alcoholic beverages imposed in the United States of America by the government between 1920 and 1933 (believing that the abuse constituted a serious danger to society), ends 5th DECEMBER 1933 with the approval of the 21st Amendment of the Constitution that repealed the 18th (called “Volstead Act”)

Here some very useful and interesting infos for you to enjoy:



So now that alcohol is free again, please enjoy responsibly!

visit DRINKiQ website