Dear Bartenders, colleagues and friends,

do you want to get booked for seminars, presentations and workshops all over the world, get amazing career opportunities and have your profession really sky rock?

But I have to warn you! You might run the risk of HAVING TO TRAVEL THE WORLD..that’s what happened to me after I won WORLD CLASS

The way I experienced it, World Class has never been a competition but an OPPORTUNITY TO GROW – It is only about the thinking!

Start changing your thoughts, as different thoughts will lead to different actions, that will lead to different results, the right results you ask of yourselves!



I don’t remember ONE situation (AT LEAST ) in my life where I was COMPLETELY..100% ready for something, DO YOU??

When I competed in World Class, it was my very first competition and I came 3rd in the world, and also for a lot of World Class winners, it was their first competition ever.

You never know what my happen if you don’t try it.

I didn’t compete only for myself but for my team, for my Bar and for my guests, I owed them this. the game of life, do you want to be only a SPECTATOR or do yo want to be A PLAYER??

My favourite quote is “JUMP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR”

Maybe some of you are thinking something like “even if I go through the Country Finals, am I going to be good enough to win it Globally”?
Let me mention, as an example, the great Bartenders in the picture above, who have had amazing results through perseverance and desire to grow both personally and professionally, they have also competed and believed in World Class and although these incredible persons have not necessarily won a Global Final, their World Class experience, alongside the opportunity to share with others and the chance to be part of a great community, have all been precious things that have opened a lot of doors and also contributed in a way to achieve incredible results, in their bars, with their teams and for their customers.
So as you can see, World Class really IS a journey and not just the final destination, it’s not only about winning but about LEARNING & GROWING !

The World Class People who kindly agreed to share  this message with you all, are (from top left to bottom right of the picture above):
Simone Caporale, Alex Kratena, Monica Berg, Sean Muldoon, Ryan Chetyawardana, Jimmy Barrat, Andrew Nicholls, Dennis Zoppi, Max La Rocca

If you’re question now is..what do I win?
Here’s a list of the amazing prizes that are waiting for you:
IF YOU BECOME THE WORLD CLASS WINNER 2017 FOR YOUR COUNTRY YOU WILL GET:1. Luxurious hand made Trophy – symbol of guarantee of high quality standards

2. A one-year contract to inspire your peers and guests alongside with the WORLD CLASS Team in events, workshops and bespoke activities

3. An amazing PR plan to promote your win and give you massive visibility

4. Access to the European WORLD CLASS 3-day Bootcamp to help you prepare for the Global Finals

5. Flight to Mexico to represent your Country in the Global Finals

6. Trip to Schiedam to the Ketel One distillery

7. A Bespoke Whisky trip to Scotland



8. Become a Global Ambassador of the WORLD CLASS programme, travelling the world, educating and inspiring new talents.

9. Support as judge and mentor in future Global Finals editions

10. Get the global superstar status!
So as I said before..start changing your thoughts, as different thoughts will lead to different actions, that will lead to different results.
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Max La Rocca


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