The (KETEL ONE) “Dutch Moustache Companion” Cocktail

(Photo Courtesy of KETEL ONE VODKA)max dutch companion small

That’s what happens when World Class Bartenders meet with the Ketel One Vodka FAMILY in a Photo Shoot Session in Amsterdam..pure MAGIC!But the FAMILY doesn’t stop there. Enjoy this video where Bob Nolet goes on a bar tour of Amsterdam with his..”Extended Family”

Here I am with my brand new Cocktail called
“The (KETEL ONE) Dutch Moustache Companion”
-25 ml lemongrass infused Dry Vermouth
-10 ml Benedictine
-5 to 10 ml Grand Marnier (suiting your Country taste)
-3 Dashes Orange bitter
-Flamed Rosemary on the rim of the glass for another level of experience
Throwing technique
Vintage Coupette
Suggested Pairing:
Granny Smith Apple ball rolled with a smoked salmon slice and cracked black pepper.
Key points of the drink are:
– it is easy and fast to prepare,
– using an elegant performance that will get people’s attention and curiosity
– can be drunk at any time of the day
– it is an old style drink with a (contemporary) Vodka soul
– it includes ingredients easy to find in any bar
– it integrates perfectly with nearly any Bar Menu’s style

Max La Rocca