The “BULLEIT MAN” Cocktail

Dear readers, I’ld like to introduce you to THE BULLEIT MAN COCKTAIL

For this drink I’m gonna be using a Super Premium Bourbon as a base and what is different from other Bourbons is that Bulleit has a High Rye Content that makes it a spicy with a very distinctive character.

My insipiration for THE BULLEIT MAN came from Mr. TOM BULLEIT that in ’87 left a successful carrer as a lawyer and risked everything to fulfill his big dream:

Bringing back to life  his great-great grandfather’s bourbon recipe from 1830 and starting the Bulleit Distilling Company.

This Bourbon is very silky and delicate at the first sip, has a nice vanilla and pralines aroma but with a rich and long finish to it.

I wanted to enhance the spiciness of this whiskey even more, by adding a little bit of cinnamon syrup, muddle the ginger, then balance it out with some fresh lemon juice, and add the egg white to give the drink a nice frothy head that will feel silky on your lips when you drink it.

Now give it a nice smiley shake!!

Always remember to Listen to the Ice, that is the alarm bell that will tell you when a great cocktail is ready!

Since I’m in Italy I decided to use some nice Italian Red Wine and float it on the top.

Then for an extra level of flavour, I’ll grind a Tonka bean on top that will give a nice vanilla aroma on your nose while you drink it.

All you have to do now is smile, relax…and drink    


Max La Rocca