Bar Convent Berlin ’09

Bar Convent Berlin is the central event for the German bar industry. It is the annual meet-up and networking event for the most influential bartenders, bar-owners and all entrepreneurs from the spirits and beverage industry. It is the showcase for new products, as for new and upcoming trends in the bar trade.
Amazing speakers, seminars and products in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
Thank you to all the people behind it, you did an INCREDIBLE job!!

The amazing “How to be a great Host” Seminar with Peter Dorelli, Charles Schumann and Hidetsugu Ueno interviewed by Mr Joerg Meyer from Le Lion in Hamburg

Jared Brown and Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett

Charles Vexenant mixing libations

Charles Schumann and Peter Dorelli

Travelling Mixologist Night with Peter Dorelli (who is now Travelling Mixologist N.0014), Stanislav Vadrna, Ricardo Sporkslede and many many more..

Simon Difford from Class Magazine and Difford’s Guide

Michael Menegos, Global Brand Ambassador Havana Club

Lebensstern Bar

Lebensstern Bar’s incredible Spirit Collection

Becketts Kopf

Becketts Kopf

Shochu Longe

Shochu Longe

Shochu Longe

Stagger Lee Bar