Diageo World Class Global Final 2013 – Azamara Cruise – David Rios (Spain) Winner!!

Aboard the boutique Azamara Club Cruise’s ship, Azamara Journey, contestants from 44 countries participated with finalists to showcase their creations in front of some of the most revered names in the industry – Salvatore Calabrese, Peter Dorelli, Dale DeGroff, Gary Regan, Julie Reiner, Hidetsugu Ueno, Arturo Savage, Steve Olson and Aristotelis Papadopoulos.


Congratulations to Mr David Rios from Jigger Cocktail & Disco Bar in Spain that has claimed the prestigious title of Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year 2013!!!!

After a 12-month search for a star, the victory was announced at a glittering ceremony in Barcelona’s iconic bullring. It marked the end of a landmark week, with intense competition, spectacular events amidst the gathering of the industry’s elite, along with international celebrities and global figures in the world of bartending.

Diageo Reserve World Class Global Ambassador Spike Marchant commented: “David Rios stood above the rest of the 43 finalists. His cocktails and appreciation of flavour were consistently outstanding, his technical precision was jaw dropping, and he maintained his composure under extreme pressure.”

Winning the title of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year will set David on a life-changing journey, championing the art and craft of the bartender.”

( Edited from the source: TheReserveClub)

Red Carpet – Gareth Evans, Great Britain
Mediterranean Mastery – Zachary de Git, Singapore
Time to Play – Kirill Runkov, Russia
St Tropez Market Challenge – Laura Schacht, Switzerland
Kings of Flavour – Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, Japan
Punch & Glass – David Rios, Spain
Tapas Table – Jason Clark, New Zealand and Luke Ashton, Australia
Cocktails Against the Clock – Jeff Bell, USA

Europe – David Rios (Spain)
Asia Pacific – Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan)
Latin America & the Caribbean – Mario Seijo (Puerto Rico)
Northern America & Rest of the World – Jeff Bell (USA)

A personal wish for a great professional and a sincere and humble person:

May your new journey be full of passion, love, excitement, personal growth and motivation while maintaining your roots, your principles and remaining authentic and unique, that’s to say, the David we all know…here and now”

This is a great beginning, NOT a destination..
From a Bartender to a (great) Bartender
Max La Rocca