The “Doctor’s Nightcap” Cocktail

As we know in the 15th century, the European practice of distilling ‘Aqua Vitae’ (Water of Life) was primarily for medicinal purposes; then Aqua Vitae sees its translation in the Gaelic “Uisge Beatha” term, until it became the word “Whisky” as we know it today.

There is an old Gaelic proverb that says: “What whiskey does not cure..cannot be cured“…do you agree?
So don’t you think that every doctor has it’s potion, an elixir that he drinks everyday as a nightcap, before going to bed? I really think so..


A very tasty version of an after-dinner-kind-of Sour, with a smooth smoky aftertaste from the Talisker, a nice thick mouthfeel from the use of a home made bitter orange jam and all the flavours are enhanced by gentle coffee hints.

And a nice aroma from the grated tonka beans, gives fantastic vanilla notes to our drink.

Since our doctor here has a specific time at night to drink it, I provided him with a classy pocket watch (personalized with the Talisker logo) and in case he forgets how to make his potion, I also attached a tiny recipe as a garnish, with a little message at the back of it reminding him that “taken every night, will heal body and mind

(in a responsible way…of course!)

and what about playing “Amélie” Movie Theme as a nightcap song from an old Carillon…really Magic!!

Finish the drink flaming 1 coffee bean and adding it in the middle of the drink, floating over a silky foam created by the egg white.

ENJOY and share only with the people you love and care!

Max La Rocca