The Antico Daiquiri

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English translation of the article:
The choice of a cocktail expresses the guest character or the mood of
that moment; to obtain the most elegance in taste and tone is best pairing each TOSCANO® cigar with the proper cocktail, a combination that enhance the pleasure of one with another, as if they were homozygous twins.

So we like cuddling our readers by suggesting a correct pairing
between cocktails and “TOSCANO® cigars” also explaining the reasons.

My drink is obtained by creating a “glass bell of smoke” through
the use of the glass part of the shaker put upside down, in which, during the preparation of the drink, half of the “Antico TOSCANO®” cigar burns slowly.

Everything is then shaken together allowing the molecules of the smoke to bind wonderfully with those of the alcohol.

Inspired by the combination between the unmistakable aroma of the TOSCANO® and the Daiquiri, one of the most famous international cocktails, the “Antico Daiquiri” has a wonderfully fresh taste and a really delicate TOSCANO® aftertaste.

Thanks to our Friends at TOSCANO® for the opportunity.

Massimo La Rocca