“Stop that Limousine!” Barrel Aged Cocktail by Max La Rocca

After 6 months of sleeping with my Barrel I’m eventually ready to share with you all

The “STOP THAT LIMOUSINE” Barrel Aged Cocktail

The drink is a variation on a Claridgeʼs Cocktail swapping Apricot Brandy for Benedictine and served with orange Bitter and the fragrant essential oils of the lemon peel garnish.

The name comes from the Limousine wood of the casks that have been ageing with Plantation Rum for a perdiod of 6 months.

Is very interesting to age a gin Cocktail into a Rum Barrel with the botanicals of the Gin blending with the exotic fruits of the Rum.

The drink has a fantastic colour, is very balanced, warm and has an intriguing oily texture because of the long interaction with the Barrel.

Hope you enjoy it!

The base formula will be:

25 ml Citadelle Gin
25 ml Noilly Prat
10 ml Benedictine
10 ml Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao