Mixology on the Terrazza Marconi Spamarine

An. Ice Ram is the cocktail of the summer that the barman Massimo La Rocca of the Lab Terrazza Marconi in Senigallia has created for its customers, getting interviewed for it on numerous newspapers and local televisions. The drink, being immediately a success, was dedicated to Senigallia’s famous “Rotonda a Mare” and based on a fundamental ingredient of the Marches drinking culture, the Varnelli aniseed liqueur. The recipe is a variation of the Vodkatini made by placing a small amount of brown cane sugar on the base of the cocktail glass, mixing Vermouth Dry and Vodka in the mixing glass with Varnelli flavored ice, pouring everything delicately in the cocktail glass and garnishing with a star (cut out from a slice of apple) floating on the surface.

(Article on “Resto del Carlino” Newspaper)
Source: Cultura del Bere – Newsletter n. 40