Getting out of your comfort zone…yes right..
But how can we do it gradually and also with some fun?

Watch this video to understand how it works!

Yes, today I want to share with you a website that will help us to do just this!

The website is called “COMFORT ZONE CRUSHER

After you subscribe to the website, a 7-day comfort zone challenge starts!

You will receive an email every other day with the next challenges to overcome.

The email is very detailed and also includes a video to help us in this new task.

But don’t worry! It is not about Bungee Jumping or anything like this!

They are very simple but effective challenges!

Once you are part of the mailing list you will also join a Facebook group where there is a global community that addresses issues like self-esteem and comfort zone.

What’s the reason behind all this? Simply to become better people and better Hospitality professionals ready to deal with new challenges all the times.

I hope you will take the challenge and you find it useful!

Thank you all!

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Max La Rocca & the ListenToTheIce Team