Breakfast, Lunch and..HUGS

“Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever!”

Travelling the world nearly every week and having the chance to interact with amazing Bartenders, sometimes I get the feeling that something is missing in the approach with their guest and this is something as “easy” as really having FUN in what we do , without taking ourselves TOO seriously!!

I know that what we do is very serious stuff, like handling money, dealing with people, sometimes also arrogant people, so we need a looot of patience, but everything will be so much easier and run much smoother if we manage to have a bit of FUN on the way, in my opinion, so..

..dont’ forget to have FUN this stuff is too important to be taken seriously!!

To enforce the point of what I’m talking about , I want to share with you this video and story that really drew my attention, increasing my awareness that all of us seriously are

A GIFT TO THE WORLD” – I hope you’ll enjoy this story too and you’ll bring FUN as a serious concept in your day-by-day work behind the Bar!!!

Max La Rocca


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