Boutique Bar Barcelona on Catalan TV!

Enjoy this new video interview taken at Ohla Hotel’s “Boutique Bar”

“My name is Max La Rocca and work as a mixologist at Hotel Ohla’s “Boutique Bar” in Barcelona. Being mixologist is like cooking with liquids. a liquid cuisine. Choosing the right ingredients and creating great drinks for a unique experience for the customer. The difference with making a dish is that we can create a cocktail tailor-made to the customer, something that for example in the kitchen can not be done.

My specialty is called Irish Mermaid, based on Irish Whiskey, a very smooth cherry liqueur from Copenhagen, that’s why the Mermaid in the name and (as a good Italian) Aperol an Italian aperitif with rhubarb and orange notes .

A sommelier sell things that other people have made, the chefs prepare things but they have no interaction with the customer. Bartenders have both. This means that a person has to be charismatic, creative and be a good host. “