Diageo’s Distilleries Tour

Here I am, after experiencing this amazing trip to Scotland as a prize for winning the regional Whisk(e)y Heat at Diageo’s World Class Competition last November in Dublin.

Until you see all these amazing and PASSIONATE people working “behind the scenes” it’s quite difficult to really appreciate what you have on the back shelves of your bar!!

In every distillery I’ve found the most kind people eager to show me around and explain what “IT WAS ALL ABOUT”..

Some of them gave me very scientific explanations, others used very easy examples and finally someone just explained the whole process with metaphors….I asked for example how bartenders should explain their customers why we should put water into our whiskey and got this answer…..”Why do we give water to a rose? To open it up and awaken all the flavours hidden below it’s beautiful petals……TRUE MAGIC!!


The “Flora and Fauna Series

The CLASSIC MALTS “Distillers’ Edition”

The Rare Malts

and with my surprise…an Irishman, the VERY knowledgeable Mr. Shane Healy, Master Distiller at CRAGGANMORE

A Mash Tun

A Fermentation Tank

The Spirit Safe where they analyse and manage the spirit coming out of the spirit stills without coming into contact with the spirit itself and also separate head, heart and tails.

Diageo’s Home of Scotch Whisky on Speyside:

The Whisky LIBRARY…..AMAZING!!!!

The Bar @ Craigellachie Hotel…700 Labels of Whiskies!!!!


CARDHU DISTILLERY..Home of Johnny Walker:

The Striding Men

..in the “Blending Room” with Johnnie Wlaker and Classic Malts Global Brand Ambassador Gregor Cattanach, doing a blending exercise with different style of whiskies to understand the importance of the “Art of Blending”.

Gregor and Max looking quite happy about the resulting Blend..called

The sample ..misteriously vanished during the rest of the trip 😉


Jeff Power, Brand Home Lead Guide

…I still have goose pimples thinking about the nice feeling I had at the distillery, I felt like part of a small family, in a stress-free atmosphere.
Talking about Jeff’s inner view of the process…so much knowledge delivered in such a simple way, it makes you feel even more in love with Whisky…he is the “metaphoric guy” the person who thaught me the “TIP AND SIP” method….(TIP a teaspoon of water, SIP your whisky and relax).

These people take Whisky VERY seriously and they are VERY proud of it!!

As I landed in Edinburgh the guide told me…”The Irish have to distill their whiskeys three times to get it right!!” and from that I understood straight away what to expect from my trip….

Thank you so much to Diageo for giving me the opportunity to experience this fantastic WORLD.