..an amazing tour @ Bols Academy with Mr Rob Rademaker

Rob gave me the chance to really enjoy the Bols and especially the Genever “world” welcoming me like a true host does.
As we entered the Academy he proceeded to make me feel right at home.
Thank you Rob, you’re a real professional.

“Its hard to find a greater professional than Rob Rademaker. This is principally due to his determination and drive to prepare the perfect cocktail. Only the best is good enough, for himself and for his guests. In a relatively short period Rob has achieved an incredible amount. From the Fabulous Shaker Boys and the Mariott Hotel in Amsterdam, to having his own cocktail bar in Crete, Greece. In brief, a career that deserves respect and a top class bartender who can without a doubt show you the fine details of the profession”

( Source : bolsbartendingacademy.com)

Amsterdam Barshow ’09 and the Travelling Mixologist Night

IT: ..in nessun ordine particolare.
ENG: ..in no particular order.

Erik Lorincz and Stanislav Vadrna @ Door 74
Stan, Diana Haider, Klaus Rainer from Schumann’s Bar, Kate Bussenius and Alexander Hauck
Mr Giuseppe Gallo and Alex Kratena
John Gakuru
LeNell Smothers at Door 74 Bar
Stan and me just had an Hanky Panky Cocktail made by Mr Peter Dorelli….what more to say..
Stanislav Vadrna, Gerard Acereda, Mr. Javier de Las Muelas, Mr. Peter Dorelli, Max La Rocca, Joao Eusebio
Bastian Heuser and me..the smiley guys @ Door 74
Timo Janse and Agostino Perrone @ Door 74
Philip Duff
Nick Strangeway
ladies and gentlemen…the great Mr Salvatore Calabrese
all my respect.. Joerg Meyer from Bar Le Lion and Xavier Padovani from Hendrick’s
Mr Javier de Las Muelas
Stephan Berg from Bitter Truth and Ricardo Sporkslede
Angus Winchester making my Ramos Gin Fizz..what an honour!
Stanislav Vadrna session at the event..stunning!!
Joao Eusebio and Gerard Acereda behind the mahogany
Andrew Nicholls meditating on his drink….