Impress Guests, Engage Staff, Empower Communication


✔ Our Guests do not understand our concept ..!!

✔ New customers come back a couple of times and then we do not see them anymore!

✔ Guests take too long to choose, always order the same things and after the first drink we are not able to sell anything else!

✔ My Manager does not understand me and I feel I do not earn what I deserve!

✔  My staff does not contribute to the Business as I would like!

🔴  Do any of these considerations seem familiar to you?  

Very rarely you enter a venue where every single aspect that creates the guest experience is properly taken into the right consideration.

From the welcoming to the menu, from the service to the atmosphere and most importantly, to having a clearly defined concept behind your Venue to convey a transparent message to the final Guests

 My name is Max La Rocca and years ago I was going through all the obstacles above mentioned with a lot of frustration, waste of time and waste of money.


Today, after 20 years of experience as Bartender and Bar Manager in the World’s most prestigious Cocktail Bars, Restaurants and Hotels, I managed to overcome these issues and I want to share with you how I did!


I’m really excited to present the Workshop that is enabling thousand of Hospitality Professionals around the World to achieve REAL AND IMMEDIATE RESULTS for their Businesses and Careers by helping them to:


  • create a unique experience for the Guest
  • strategically use the menu and the online and offline communication
  • create the ideal relationship with their staff



  • How to align with your venue’s concept to convey a transparent message
  • Create the perfect experience, from the first contact to the Guest’s departure
  • Practical, Low-cost and Highly effective service strategies
  • Correct use of Social Media, case studies & Guest Retention
  • How to structure a menu, make it a memorable marketing tool and diversify the offer
  • Menu from the world: practical examples and ideas for implementing the offer
  • Creating the ideal relationship with the Staff and enhancing human resources
  • How to manage emotions and how to use the beneficial side of envy
  • How I led my Bar to become one of the Best 50 Bars on earth in 365 days


  • 9am > 18.30pm


  • Bar Schools
  • Bartenders & Bar-Backs
  • Bar Teams
  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Floor Staff
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Hospitality Products, Spirits and Equipment Brands
  • Marketing, Sales Staff, Web & Graphic Designers



Lock in your spot and extra bonuses, be the 1st to be notified when Registration opens !


NO nonsense, no meaningless talks or copy and paste from other resources, but ONLY trued life experience!


In this workshop I will share with you only the techniques that allowed me to become who I am today and the strategies I used, to lead one of the latest Bars I worked in, to become one of the Best 50 Bars on earth in just 1 year with my team


If you don’t have time to waste …
Or if you attended other theoretical seminars …
Or if you have already wasted time with useless strategies …

This is the workshop for you!


If you are an owner
  • Convey a clear message to your Guests and have them choose you for your uniqueness
  • Have Guests come back and increase word of mouth
  • Streamline orders and speed up service
  • Create a menu that works and that is irresistible for your Guests, increasing your sales and profit margins
  • Use Social Media channels correctly
If you are an employee
  • Learn service strategies that will give you a significant professional advantage, to get closer to your goals and ambitions and increase your visibility in the Hospitality world
  • Enhance your communication with your Manager, use your strengths to better contribute to the company, have a salary increase and become irreplaceable
  • Improve the relationship with your colleagues
If you are a Brand
  • Help your clients’ venues to be more effective in selling
  • Give your clients a greater Brand awareness and make them understand how to create more earning opportunities
  • Offer education to your clients and, as a result, increase their trust in you and the perception of your Brand, through my twenty years of experience in the best Bars, Restaurants and Hotels in the world

Lock in your spot and extra bonuses, be the 1st to be notified when Registration opens !


🎩 I’ve had the enormous pleasure to work as Bartender, Bar Manager and Supervisor in some of the world’s finest establishments, including the luxurious Claridge’s Hotel and  Harrods’ in London, the Stravinskij Bar at the Hotel De Russie in Rome,  the Relais & Chateaux “Sheen Falls Lodge”  in Ireland, the Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel in Barcelona and the Boutique Bar in the exclusive five star Ohla Hotel also in Barcelona.

📖 International magazines have very meticulously quoted me as an awarding winning Master, an expert mixologist and my Cocktail recipes are listed in some of the best Bars around the World and on relevant Cocktail Books.

🚀 For the last 10 years I’ve covered the prestigious role of Diageo World Class Bartending Competition Ambassador for 20 Countries in Western Europe inspiring the Community of Bartenders and Hospitality Professionals as Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Drink Competition Coach and Judge.


I invite you to contact me to work together, have me in your Venue or School, or book me to share this amazing Event with the Community of Hospitality Professionals in your area.


Max La Rocca