I am so excited to share these resources with you!

The 1st one is my exclusive free 60-page PDF full of feedback, memories, celebrations from my Bar guests,  to see what customers, mixology Gurus and Competition Judges are dreaming to see in the best Bars around the World!


In addition to this I would like to share with you a great book on how to use the right words when communicating with your Bar guests and also with your Cocktail Competition Judges.

This book is packed with powerful and persuasive words to use with your customers when face to face, by email, through your menu or on your social media platforms and websites.

I am using this resource every single time and I hope you will also find this useful when it comes to better communicate your ideas, values and projects with your customers and in your Cocktail Competitions!

Words that Sell Book

Thank you again for your precious time! I respect you and the gift of your attention.

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