The Elements of Creativity

As the first post of 2013 I would like you to join me in the amazing world of CREATIVITY through the brilliant work of Kirby Ferguson and his project called “Everything is a Remix“.

Kirby has spoken at TED, Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, The Cusp ConferenceMedia EvolutionThe Creators ProjectCampus Party Mexico City, Columbia University, NYU and more.

(From 7.00” to 7.40” of the following video, there will be some credits, then it continues, make sure you follow through)

So, is it really true that nobody starts out original and that we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding?

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Thanks Kirby!

So my wish for 2013 is:


Max La Rocca

The Blazing “Irish Coffee-less”

Here I have a nice a simple Blazer for your Holidays!

Just a little blazing experiment with Bushmills after fast-infusion chattin’ with former Ireland’s Diageo Brand Ambassador Martin Duffy in Rome to try and re-create an Irish Coffee aroma without actually using…liquid coffee.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Coffee beans
Star Anise
Powdered Cinnamon
Simple syrup

I made this drink back in 2009 and then modified last year in Barcelona using Bushmills 10 yrs, Blazing “pots” from Istanbul and garnishing with the same raisins used for Blazing

and sticking with the “Don’t take yourself too seriously” concept, I created this video for you to enjoy:

“Where is the Turkey?” ThanksGiving Day Cocktail

Happy ThanksGiving day to everyone with my signature recipe:
30 ml. Don Julio Blanco
10 ml. Ramazzotti
15 ml. Lime Juice
15 ml.Cinnamon Syrup
20 ml. Yellow Chartreuse cooked with 2 Sprigs of Rosemary
Swizzle with crushed ice
Garnish with caramelized Kumkuats and sprig of Rosemary
(Foto by George Restrepo)
In a cooking vessel add the Chartreuse and a spring of rosemary. Using a blow torch cook the ingredients until you get an infusion. Strain into a Russian Imperial Mug with Crushed ice. Add all the other ingredients helping yourself with a swizzle stick. Add more crushed ice.
Garnish: with a Flamed Rosemary Sprig and Caramelized Kumquats. “Na Zdorovie”
Inspiration: I made this drink during his visit as Guest Bartending at City Space Bar in Moscow on Thanksgiving Day.
I was inspired by the way people cook their turkeys to celebrate.
When I gave it to try to my first guest in Moscow, after explaining this story he said, so….”Where is the Turkey?

Diageo World Class Princess Cruises Training Program

Don Julio Training @ Princess Cruise “Crown” by Javier Reynoso (Brand Ambassador for Diageo Reserve Brands for Spain) and Max La Rocca.

On the 9th of May Javier Reynoso and Max La Rocca conducted a training on Tequila Don Julio and the World Class Competition, for the bartenders of the Princess Cruises “Crown” that will soon join the Diageo World Class Competition.

They started the Master Class of Tequila Don Julio by Javier Reynoso, analyzing the key points of its production and to find those points of excellence in the tasting of Don Julio Blanco & Don Julio Reposado.

Then Max La Rocca Ireland’s WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year 2010 and Bar Supervisor in Ohla Hotel’s Boutique Bar in Barcelona, made a presentation on World Class Competition, its global dimension, the paths to be a World Class Bartender and how Diageo supports the bartenders and their way of training.

The practical part was developed in the largest of the 13 bars of the Ship.

Max talked about the key aspects of bartending, what and how to use elegantly the bar tools, how to create a balanced cocktail and tips and tricks on how to impress the World Class Juging Panel …

He started developing cocktails from basics of mixology to the latest trends.

The practical part was also enthusiastically followed by the bartenders, who asked Max doubts and tricks.

Next, the bartenders wanted to apply what they learned by training on Luxury Margaritas with Don Julio Blanco and Don Julio Reposado.

Boutique Bar Barcelona on Catalan TV!

Enjoy this new video interview taken at Ohla Hotel’s “Boutique Bar”

“My name is Max La Rocca and work as a mixologist at Hotel Ohla’s “Boutique Bar” in Barcelona. Being mixologist is like cooking with liquids. a liquid cuisine. Choosing the right ingredients and creating great drinks for a unique experience for the customer. The difference with making a dish is that we can create a cocktail tailor-made to the customer, something that for example in the kitchen can not be done.

My specialty is called Irish Mermaid, based on Irish Whiskey, a very smooth cherry liqueur from Copenhagen, that’s why the Mermaid in the name and (as a good Italian) Aperol an Italian aperitif with rhubarb and orange notes .

A sommelier sell things that other people have made, the chefs prepare things but they have no interaction with the customer. Bartenders have both. This means that a person has to be charismatic, creative and be a good host. “

Max La Rocca @ CitySpace Bar – Moscow

SAVE THE DATE: 21/25 November 2011

I’ve been mixing with the head “up in the Coulds” on the 33rd floor @ City Space Bar & Lounge that has been rated among the 50 best Bars in the World by Diffordsguide 2011 and one of the World’s Top Ten Bars by the Bartender’s Guide 2008.
It is located on the top floor (140m) of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy and offers breathtaking 360 degree view of Moscow.

Thanks for joining me, and the amazing City Space Family 😉


“WHERE IS THE TURKEY?” Cocktail for ThanksGiving Day in..Moscow @ CitySpace with a Renato Carosone “Tu vuò fà l’americano” Background music…a coincidence?? 😉

City Space Official Video Trailer