Here I am with my mouth watering twist on a #Margarita for your party with friends, family and loved ones:

Blanco Tequila
Lime juice
Home made lavender syrup (2 to 1)
Egg white
Dried Lavender and Lavender Bitters for garnish

Dry shake and then shake again with quality ice

I used a little combination of citrus juice and pasteurized egg white in order to achieve a beautiful silky froth and deliver a very delicate and fresh sensation on the lips as your drink it.

🇲🇽Mexico’s flavours meet the elegance of the beloved fragrance of Provence🇫🇷: LAVENDER…love at first Sip

If you have a busy party in which you serve this drink, instead of doing a dry shake for every single serve, you can use a simple cappuccino frother to achieve the same goal of emulsifying the egg and making a great froth!

💎I’ve mixed this drink all over the World during my Guest Bartending Trips including the @world_class_room in Amsterdam

But what feels me with joy even more was to see it served by the amazing Team of @onemorebar in Sofia as a “gift” for their 9th Birthday Celebration Night to regular customers, friends, partners and former Bartenders colleagues.

Their guests absolutely loved it!

I was honoured to hear that I had been one of their most beloved and esteemed guests behind the bar when I visited Bulgaria and a huge influence and inspiration throughout these years, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! 🙏

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Boutique Bar Presentation @ Cocktails and Spirits Paris

Amazing experience presenting the building, the philosophy and the drinks behind Ohla Hotel’s BOUTIQUE BAR in Paris amongst amazing colleagues and great people!

Thanks to Thierry Daniel, Xavier Padovani, Eric Fossard, Gianfranco Spada, Søren Krogh Sørensen and all the people behind COCKTAIL SPIRITS, we came back with our biplane full of jewels, emotions, friends and knowledge!!
Thanks so much my dear friends!
Photos by me, other colleagues and ….the most beautiful are from Philippe Levy

Le Bar Rouge Programme

Checking the set up and the sound

Introducing ourselves and our worldwide experiences

The “Dali’s Moustache Punch” in the middle of the stage
An overview on our drinks
Yes, my dream to present @ Cocktails Spirits came true!

Giuseppe mixing my signature drink “The Untouchable” Cocktail with style!
Proud of the boys!

An amazing picture of the Untouchable by Philippe
The “Dealing with Bartenders” Session
Questions and answers time!
Our amazing Flamenco Guys entering the scene!!
The art of not taking yourself too seriously…
…while making incredible things and giving powerful emotions!
Our precious crowd from all over the world.
The audience tasting our “Dali’s Moustache Punch”
Ohla Hotel’s BOUTIQUE BAR awarded between the TOP 10 BARS IN EUROPE